Little Caliphs Kulim,

Little Caliphs Kulim


Little Caliphs Kulim Hi-Tech was established since 2013, also been registered as Tadika Bijak Makmur. Our mission is to instill the LOVE of ISLAM and knowledge to young children as an early preparation for them to become righteous; slave of Allah, khalifah of Allah and Ummat of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and also to give the young learners a wonderful and effective learning experiences using the best practices in early childhood education.

Operated in Kulim Hi-Tech Park, double story building purposely design for education needs with 10 classrooms and ability to fill with 280 pax of students. We organised extra co-curriculum of Islamic Taekwondo, Traditional Archery Club and Swimming Club to our children.

Our quality teachers been trained by The Little Caliphs Program in order to enlightened the young generation with the Nur of Islam and having them the correct understanding and positive attitudes towards Islam and knowledge.

Register now with us! Kindly contact us at 019-480 1739 for further information.

Jazakumullahu khaira’


10 classrooms with full kindergarten facilities – outdoor playground, field, student toilets, activities corner


Not Provided


Full Day – 2 Sessions

Person in Charge

Hj Mohd Shukor Bin Hj Ahmad


LC KDH Kulim

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Lot 18, Jalan Hi-Tech 3, Kulim Hi-tech Park, 09000 Kulim, Kedah

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Little Caliphs Kindergarten (Kulim Branch- Tadika Bijak Makmur)

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